5 tips for recycling in the household

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

At Kithe we use recycled timber as well as sustainably sourced timber as we love its look and feel; with many of our pieces we feel that doing this adds to the story, character and authenticity of our products

The thought of perfectly good material going to the landfill is just horrifying to us, and we’re sure that there are things in your household that you could re-use, upcycle or change in somewhere to give it a second chance at a lease of life and usefulness.

With this in mind, here are our 5 tips for recycling in the household that you could do to recycle or re-use and come up with something truly special of your own.

Create a worm farm and feed them your food scraps

Every household produces a huge amount of food waste on an annual basis so why not create your own worm farm and let those little guys enjoy what you eat too?

Plant seedlings in tin cans or milk cartons and watch them grow

Regardless of what your favourite cuisine is, the one thing that you’ll need to really bring the flavour out is a good selection of herbs and spices.

So why not grow your own and improve the look and feel of your kitchen while you’re at it? It’s super easy to plant some coriander, thyme, parsley or basil seeds and in a few weeks you’ll have the first of a plentiful supply of fresh, home grown herbs!

You can use newspapers in the garden to reduce weeds

You can use the newspapers to cover soiled areas and as a layer under stones and loose chippings too. The newspaper lets the rain water though, but keeps the weeds hidden.

Wash your dishes in a bucket and then throw the water on your veggie garden

Reducing water waste is a serious issue and sis something that we can easily contribute to. Using any of your water more than once for different purposes helps with this.

Cut out your old Christmas cards and create new ones for the following year

This is great for recycling and cutting down on paper production and therefore deforestation, but it’s also a great thing that you can do with friends relatives and especially younger children.

If you try these simple five tips you’ll really be doing your bit to reduce the amount of waste that ends up at a landfill.

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