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We love all things Audio, Sideboards and Vinyl Storage

Vinyl has made a comeback but if you truly care about your records you also know that you need a dedicated sideboard or audio storage. Our range of sideboards and audio cabinets will suit all rooms and make sure your records stay safe. You’ll see our range of solutions below. 

Your vinyl is an investment so your storage cabinet should be too. You need to invest wisely nad we have a great range of beautiful products that you can peruse below. You should invest in quality storage because vinyl is heavy. You also want to avoid the risk of warping and make sure it’s easy for browsing. 

There are mass-produced cabinets on the market. Some of them are good. But a unique vinyl collection needs a unique cabinet and a Kithe Audio Side Board is the right solution for your home. We have a range of options below – each can be tailored to fit your space.

Check out some of the range below:

DeVinyl DJ Station
We understand that a DJ requires quality and functionality. Our DJ Station has an inset bay for your equipment and wooden tiles that can be customised to match your gear. It’s been designed to hide your cables and it can store over 150 records. We’ve looked to maximum fidelity by creating long sturdy legs that diffuse vibrations. Whether a professional or a home DF, the finish of Solid White Ash with hard wax oil is the perfect piece for any home.

Lucy Console
Lucy is the perfect solution for any home. It’s a Unity deserving of the best equipment and your own collection. It’s a timeless piece (unlike your musical tastes) that can home your growing collection without breaking a sweat. The Lucy is designed to hold close to 600 LP’s your amp and your turntable.

Dixon Oak Sideboard
The Dixon Oak Sideboard is perfect for the entertainer that also requires a practical storage solution. This piece can be great for displaying ornaments as well as compartments for a range of storage options – records, books and board games. The Dixon is made from American Oak and finished with hard wax oil.

Hendrix Vinyl Cabinet
Any vinyl lover would love the Hendrix SideBoard. It can hold your player and amplifier on top, and it has a swivel compartment below to store your favourite music within easy reach. With soft leather handles, Victorian ash and walnut joinery, this hard wax oil-finished piece looks great in any setting.