Atomic Coffee Table

If you’d like to talk to us about the Atomica Coffee Table, or to discuss other custom, handmade wooden furniture for your household, please get in touch today. We’d love to help create a piece of art for your house. We’d love to help you create your next feature piece.

We love “retro.” We love mid-century and atomica style pieces.

This was the inspiration for the Atomica Coffee Table. Our first table was a success. Our client loved it and we loved it. I mean, just look at the little brass feet. All of our products are built to order.

They’re made by hand and made to last.

Each Kidney Bean Coffee Table is custom built. Because each tree is different no two pieces will be exactly the same. There may be slight variations in colour texture of the wood. This is the beauty of using natural products. Every Atomica Coffee Table will have it’s own story. The pieces we choose will have lived their own life.

Each piece of wood tells a story, and your new Atomica Coffee Table will be the source of many stories in the future at your own household.

If you’re passionate about mid-century and atomica style, your home needs this stunning piece from Kithe. Like all of our pieces, they’re made with love.

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