Custom Made Timber Beds

A Kithe Custom Timber Bed bakes the perfect centrepiece for any bedroom.

Your bed should be the centrepiece of your bedroom.

You will spend up to a third of your time in bed so you should invest some money in a quality bed – a great bed, great mattress and great sheets are a must. We’re not in the linen business but we can help you with a Custom Timber Bed. Do yourself a favour and invest in having great dreams in your dream bed. A Kithe Custom Made Timber Bed is your dream bed.

It doesn’t matter what your style is, contemporary or chic, we can help you with a beautiful solid custom made timber bed. Let us help you develop a bed that matches the rest of your style with a timeless appeal meaning it will look great for years to come.

Our beds are crafted in Victoria and delivered Australia wide. They are hand-crafted with precision to ensure they are made to the highest quality. We use Australian timber and locally sourced materials. It truly is a custom timber bed. We’ll tailor it to suit your space and the mattress you want to use.

Whilst some of those factory mass-produced bed might be suitable if you own an Airbnb, they’re not suitable for your own bedroom. Get in touch today for a no-obligation quote. Come and talk to us about making the bed of your dreams today.

There are many reasons you should choose a Kithe Custom Timber Bed. Some of the reasons include:

Durability – A Custom Timber Bed from Kithe is durable. It’s made from higher quality material than your standard factory-made bed and it’s designed to fit into the space you have for it. You’re not trying to fit a bed that’s too big or too small into the wrong bedroom.

Beauty and Variety – Mass produced beds can be bland and boring. They come off a production line and everything looks the same. The beautiful timber chosen for a Kithe Custom Timber Bed means that you’ll see some beautiful polish and some unique timber grains. Your bed will be unique. No one else will own the same bad as you.

Resale value – A quality custom timber bed from Kithe is an investment. Where factory-made beds are basically worthless if you try to resell them, handcrafted beds from our master craftsmen will still have value now and into the future.

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