Long Player

We love creating beautiful furniture that allows you to exhibit your own style. We love creating signature pieces. Pieces with a personality of their own that enhance whatever space they are displayed in.

You need to do yourself a favour and choose a vinyl storage unit that can carry your whole collection and proudly display it.

Our newest vinyl storage unit, Long Player, is a thing of beauty. You can store your decks on top and your vinyl sorted across 5 storage units. It can house a significant number of LPs and is perfect for a growing or an established collection.

The Long Player is crafted from beautiful Tasmanian Blackwood. It contains solid lines and strong legs. This timeless classic will look beautiful now without aging into the future.

This piece can be designed to a standard size of 175cm wide, 60cm high and with a depth of 35cm. It can be customised for your own house – whether you want it bigger or smaller. If you want to discuss customization please get in touch today

We are passionate about our vinyl collections and we are just as passionate about creating beautiful pieces that allow you to showcase your own musical tastes. Whether the centrepiece of your room or tastefully tucked away in the corner this is a must have piece for any music lover’s sanctuary. .

Don’t settle for second best. Don’t settle for a factory line produced piece that is the same as everyone else’s. Invest in a handcrafted piece that will enhance your collection.

If you are ready to order, whether in the standard size or one to your own specifications, we’re here to take your call today. We have the right piece of Tasmanian Blackwood ready to craft and house your collection. Get in touch today.

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