Timber Profile: Tasmanian Blackwood

Although often called Tasmanian Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon), this timber can be found from the Adelaide Hills to the Atherton Tablelands.

Blackwood is one of our favourite timbers: It’s a native, great to work with, has excellent strength and stability and looks exceptional in any space.

It’s a part of the wattle family and grows so prolifically that in many countries it’s considered a pest (probably not a first for an Aussie abroad).


Indigenous Australians have long utilised the tree in a variety of ways: crafting the timber for making spears and shields; boiling the bark to derive a muscle-relaxing analgesic; using the twigs and bark as a means of lightly poisoning fish for fishing purposes, and extracting the sap as an effective adhesive. It can also play an important role in bushfire protection.


The colour ranges from golden brown to dark walnut, with streaks of a rich reddish brown.

The figure is generally straight but can exhibit some wavy, fiddleback qualities for which it has become popular in musical instrument making as a replacement for Koa wood.

It has a fantastic natural lustre that has made it an obvious choice for generations of carpenters and cabinet makers.

Best of all, it loves to grow! All of our Blackwood is sourced from trusted providers who are actively invested in sustainable forest management.

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