Record Player Cabinets – Storing your Vinyl and Equipment Safely

Record Player Cabinets – Storing your Vinyl and Equipment Safely

Everyone loves vinyl. It’s so much greater than digital music. Every record is a piece of art.

It’s something that you can touch and feel. Each cover has its own artwork. Each album has its own sleeve art. And it sounds better than an MP3. Once you start collecting vinyl you’ll never stop. Your growing art collection needs the right storage. Your vinyl storage can be a piece of art too

There are many options for storing vinyl – some better than others. We’re passionate about vinyl and record player storage. We have developed a number of solutions that we’ll share with you later. But we want to spend a little time first discussing why correct storage is important.  

The first thing we wanted to cover is emphasising that you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT STACK VINYL ON TOP OF EACH OTHER FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME.

You may think it’s artistic. You may think it looks cool. But if you keep stacking vinyl vertically you’ll have a couple of problems:

    • It’s impractical – It’s hard to find what you’re looking for if you stack your pile of vinyl vertically. You can’t easily sort through your collection to find your favourite album.
    • You can damage your vinyl – Stacking vinyl one on top of the other can damage your precious collection. The records that are down the bottom of the pile can be damaged from the combined weight of all the albums stacked on top of them. 

The best way to store your vinyl is upright, like a book. They’ll be easier to sort through and you are less likely to damage your collection. 

At Kithe we offer a range of vinyl and record player storage solution options. The three popular ones are:

Lucy Console –

Hendrix Vinyl Cabinet –

Devinyl DJ Cabinet –

There are a number of considerations when choosing a record player cabinet and the appropriate vinyl storage. The first consideration is the size of your vinyl collection. If you’re just starting out your collection, you may look at something smaller like the Hendrix Vinyl Cabinet. If you’re looking to store your mixers and preamps, and have your cables hidden away, you may decide that the Devinyl DJ Station is more your style. 

Our three popular cabinets come in standard sizes but they can be tailored to suit your own individual needs and space considerations. Whether you’re looking for an entry level cabinet or something more complex like the Devinyl DJ station that stores all your equipment and your favourite and burgeoning vinyl collection, as you can see we can sort you out.

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