Lucy console

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Is your growing vinyl collection in need of a home that is deserving of its personality?

Has it grown beyond its current home? Do you need somewhere to host your equipment too?

Have you met Lucy?

Lucy is the perfect solution for any home. It’s a unity deserving of the best equipment and your own collection. It’s a timeless piece (unlike your musical tastes) that can house your growing collection without breaking a sweat. The Lucy is designed to hold close to 600 LP’s your amp and your turntable.

It’s crafted from solid American Oak, with oversized rounded corners. This piece gives you a mid-century feel that’s unlikely to date. It also has subtle, recessed legs that ensure she sits at perfect turntable height.

This piece started as a Custom Unit but has become universally loved. If your passion is music, if your passion is vinyl, this piece is the perfect centrepiece for your home. Your home is about you. Your home should reflect your personality. It should reflect your lifestyle and be your sanctuary.

This piece is perfect both for entertaining and as your own little oasis.

If you want to give your Collection the love it deserves, you need to look for more than just a standard off the shelf solution. Your collection and equipment needs the perfect space.

If you are ready to get your unit created, get in touch with Chris and the team at Kithe Furniture today.

Let us know you are after the Lucy special. If you want to make a few changes, we can help with customisation too.

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