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Products Products Chris Booth, acting on a long held dream to create handmade furniture, founded 2nd Chance Tables in 2012.

Over the 15 years of work experience in the building and construction industry, Chris noticed that he missed the meticulous craftsmanship and veneration that initially attracted him to carpentry. A distinct enthusiasm for working directly and creatively with people and a natural ability working with timber allowed Chris to finally live his dream.

Although Chris loves working with reclaimed timber, he found there to be occasions when this did not meet the needs of his clients. This prompted him to begin working with sustainable harvested timber as well. The result was the existing company taking a different direction. Kithe was born. The added bonus to this is he now gets to collaborate with his design qualified wife and together they produce custom, on trend, timber furniture.

Rather than a mass production operation, we work one-on-one with our clients to design something specific to their needs and tastes. We welcome clients to the workshop where we encourage them to be a part of the creation process. We also aim to educate our clients about different timbers and finishes that they may not even know exist.

If visiting the workshop is not an option we pride ourselves on our communications ensuring all clients receive a piece that is custom tailored and a centerpiece of their homes.

Our timber furniture would cease to exist, without the 2nd Chance Tables team. Kithe is a small team of attentive and focused individuals, and we love what we do. We enjoy discovering and purchasing old discarded, disheveled and rejected pieces of timber that we can bring back to life. Countless hours are spent designing and producing contemporary tables and furniture from recycled and renewable timbers. We are obsessive about what our customers might like, and because they strive for individualism and distinction; we’re honoured to oblige their request. All our furniture is designed, created and finished with meticulous care. We hand make everything! Every table and every piece of furniture in the collection is the result of hours of work invested; in our endless pursuit of perfection. We love the furniture we make and we’re overjoyed when we hear how much our customers love it too.