About us

A quick story about our beginnings.

In The Beginning…

After 15 years of experience in the building and construction industry, I was missing the craftsmanship and creative touch that initially attracted me to carpentry. In 2012, I started 2nd Chance Tables: a business with a focus on custom-made quality furniture, using exclusively reclaimed timbers.

2nd Chance Tables allowed me to work directly with customers, helping to bring their dream furniture to life. As the business grew and expanded, so too did the needs of our clients. We noticed many of the most favoured pieces were our most design driven. We began using a larger range of materials and sustainably harvested timbers and exploring new ideas. This departure from the origins of 2nd Chance Tables called for a new name and a new business: from these humble beginnings, Kithe was born.

-Chris Booth

Let’s Work Together

At Kithe, we know that not all homes are the same. In addition to our range of products, we still love to work one-on-one with our clients to make furniture to suit their space. We encourage you to come to the workshop and be a part of the creation process. If you bring the dreams, we’ll provide the experience and know-how. We’ll keep you informed throughout the design process to ensure you’re getting the best solution. And if you can’t make it in, don’t worry, we’re pretty handy with emails too.

Do One Thing, And Do It Well

Simply put, making furniture is our life’s work. We’re a small team, and we love what we do. When we step into the workshop each day, our only concern is producing the best furniture we can. Whether it’s using recycled timber with a history or selecting the best sustainably harvested Australian timbers, we strive to make every piece something that people will love for a lifetime.

In life many strive to be unique; To be bold and standout from the masses.

All our timber is either sustainably grown or salvaged from building demolition, so low environmental impact and more beautiful furniture

Built By Hand

Here at Kithe, we make everything by hand and to order: no mass production, just handcrafted goodness. It’s the kind of attention to detail that we believe a piece of furniture deserves. We select the best materials to produce the finest piece we can, no exceptions. Our team is dedicated to the art of furniture making, and we know that our customers appreciate the difference between the mass produced and the handmade.

Design Driven

As romantic as we are about handcrafting furniture and getting our hands dirty, we also appreciate the need for technology in what we do. When it comes to design, we use the latest modelling programs to bring ideas to life. It not only helps us to better understand our own designs, but also helps us to bring your ideas to life as well. So, if you’ve got an idea that you don’t quite know how to articulate, bring it to us and chances are we’ll be able to show you what it looks like.

Every Table Tells A Story

Anyone who works with timber will tell you no two pieces are the same: the colour, the texture and the grain are all completely individual. One of the beauties of timber is that every piece has come from a tree that has grown and lived a life, and in the case of recycled timber it has also lived a life in a house or a building. We love the stories that timber holds and we also love knowing that when we give a piece to a client, that those stories will continue to grow with them as well.