Yarra Sling Chair

Tasmanian Blackwood or American Oak


From $2,800.00 inc. GST


66w x 70d x 88h


The ultimate comfort and style with the Yarra Sling Chair, designed to cradle you like a baby.

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Made from either American Oak or Tasmanian Blackwood, this chair features a fluid-like geometry that perfectly cradles your body. The sturdy yet cozy heavyweight washed linen sling is easily removable for washing or customization. With six fabric options to choose from, you can personalize your chair to suit your style. Visit the Ink & Spindle showroom to see this masterpiece in person.

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Experience the ultimate comfort and style with the Yarra Sling Chair, available in Tasmanian Blackwood or American Oak with 6 fabric options to choose from. Visit the Ink & Spindle showroom to try it out for yourself or get in touch to order yours today.
Crafted with the finest Tasmanian Blackwood or American Oak, and offering a selection of six fabric options, it’s the epitome of luxury seating. Swing by the Ink & Spindle showroom to indulge in a firsthand experience, or reach out to secure yours today. Your journey to superior relaxation begins here!

Imagine a chair with fluid-like geometry that perfectly cradled your butt as if you were a baby. Introducing the Yarra Sling Chair, the first of several collaborations with Ink & Spindle.

The Yarra sling chair started life years ago as idea between friends at a collab workshop. Life happened and people drifted apart and the prototype sat dusty in the loft for a few years. Enter: the team from Ink & Spindle who’d wandered past our workshop in early ’23 and dropped in to discuss another project. While we were all chatting and sketching the sling chair model was brought down for one reason or another instantly piqued interest!

We worked with the Ink & Spindle team to refine the chair design and pair it with a sturdy yet cozy heavyweight washed linen sling. The real genius here is the sliding dowel fixing for the sling which allows it to be easily removed and washed, or changed out for a different style.

The timber frame comes in 2 options; Tasmanian Blackwood (as shown) or American Oak. If you have a specific species you’d like to work with please advise in the comment section of the contact form and we’ll make it happen.

The fabric sling comes in 6 options. Simply note your fabric of choice in the comment section.

If you’d like to see for your self and have a sit, the chair can be viewed at the Ink & Spindle showroom: SH 1.32 Sacred Heart Building, Abbotsford Convent. Map.

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