Truc Bed

Tasmanian Oak




230w x 210d x 98h


Love your bedroom with the ethereal beauty of the Truc bed, a handcrafted masterpiece designed to inspire and delight.

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Unleash your inner artist with the Truc bed, a stunning masterpiece crafted from Tasmanian Oak. Its ethereal design and sturdy frame invite you to drift into dreamland like a feather on the wind. Available in a standard size of 230w x 210d x 98h, or customizable to fit your exact specifications, this bed is a true reflection of your individuality and taste. Say goodbye to mass-produced mediocrity and hello to handcrafted furniture that speaks to your soul. Let us bring your vision to life with the timeless beauty of Tasmanian Oak.

If you’re ready to get the right piece for your space, get in touch with Chris and the team at Kithe Furniture today.

Elevate your space with the exquisite Truc bed, crafted from Tasmanian Oak with ethereal lines and a sturdy base. Embrace your unique style and individuality with this customizable piece, available in standard or bespoke sizes. Say no to mass-produced mediocrity and yes to handcrafted artistry that speaks to your soul. Get in touch today to bring your dream bed to life.