The Discograph

Are you looking for somewhere bright to store your vinyl collection?

Does a light chestnut colour match your personality?

If you are looking for a sharp, neat and compact solution for your vinyl we’d love to introduce you to The Discograph.

If space is a premium, and it matches your colour scheme, The Discograph is the perfect unit for your home or apartment. With strong lines and sharp corners, this storage unit is a timeless classic. The rolling drawer holds up to 80 LPs with room for your amp on the shelf above. I think we both know where the turntable goes!

The classic craftsmanship, solid edges and sharp corners give this piece a timeless look that is unlikely to date. Its mid-century style legs ensure that this piece sits at a perfect height.

This piece was designed with the music lover in mind. The soft colours match the soft sound you love from your vinyl. It’s designed to be the centrepiece of any home. We build it in standard sizes but it can be customised to fit your space. Whether looking for your own sanctuary or as an entertainment piece The Discograph suits your needs.

Don’t buy an off the shelf vinyl unit. Buy one that fits your individual style – both from a music and design perspective.

If you are ready to get yours created, get in touch with Chris and the team at Kithe Furniture today.

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