Mimsy Bedside Table

Tasmanian Oak


$750 each


35w x 35d x 75h


Enchant your bedroom with the Mimsy bedside buddy, a whimsical and practical addition to your nightly routine.

Find Out a little more about the Mimsy Bedside Table

The Mimsy Bedside Table is a stunning addition to any bedroom, with its whimsical design and practical storage solutions. Crafted from Tasmanian Oak, this bedside beauty stands at 35cm tall and features a drawer for your trinkets and a cozy nook for your bedtime reads. Its graceful curves and artful construction make it a true standout piece, perfect for blending seamlessly with your existing decor. Let the Mimsy enchant you with its timeless allure and enhance your nightly rituals with its elegant charm.

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Elevate your bedroom with the enchanting Mimsy Bedside Table. Crafted from Tasmanian Oak, this whimsical piece offers ample storage and timeless style. Perfectly sized at 35cm, it’s a charming addition to any bedroom. Enhance your nightly routine with the Mimsy’s grace and elegance. Get in touch to bring this bedside beauty into your home today.