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A table is one of the most valuable piece of furniture in your dining room, kitchen, or living room. More than just a place where you can sit and eat, the right custom dining table can transform your moments with friends and family. Just think to the meaningful dinners that you’ve had with your loved ones over the years, or the live-changing discussions that all started with sitting down at a table with the people who mattered most in your life.

A table is a piece of furniture that’s specifically designed to bring people together – and at Kithe, we think that’s pretty special. That’s why we give our customers the incredible opportunity to design the ultimate dining table for their homes.

A Bespoke Table to Match Your Style

Kithe custom dining tables are made right here in Melbourne, by artisans who know how to work with a range of different styles of wood to produce incredible designs. Whether you’re looking for something sturdy and traditional that will stand the test of time, or you want a table that transforms your entire living space and draws instant attention, we can help.

Every custom dining table that we offer here at Kithe is unique, which means that as soon as you invest in your table, you know you have a piece of furniture unlike anything else in Australia – or the world. Our tables are more than just slabs of perfectly-primed wood, they’re talking points for when people come to visit your home, decorative pieces of artwork that instantly bring life to a space, and catalysts for making new memories with your family.

Each table is designed by our team of furniture experts and crafted using the highest quality of timber we can find right here in Melbourne.