American White Ash and its purpose in custom timber furniture

At Kithe we are a Melbourne-based 100% Australian made timber furniture producer. We regularly use American White Ash when making custom furniture and dining tables. American White Ash or Fraxinus Americana is a North American native hardwood ash. It is a dense hardwood and appears anywhere between a pale, off white colour to a darker yellow […]

5 tips for recycling in the household

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle At Kithe we use recycled timber as well as sustainably sourced timber as we love its look and feel; with many of our pieces we feel that doing this adds to the story, character and authenticity of our products.  The thought of perfectly good material going to the landfill is just horrifying to us, and […]

Sustainable Forestry and IKEA

Sustainable Forestry and IKEA When you think of Ikea what springs to mind? Yellow and blue? Meatballs? Getting stuck in a one-way system in a furniture store? I bet it’s one of the three; moreover, I bet sustainable forestry doesn’t even enter your thinking! Well, Ikea are really into sustainable forestry; it’s incredibly important to them. […]