Record Player Cabinets – Storing your Vinyl and Equipment Safely

Everyone loves vinyl. It’s so much greater than digital music. Every record is a piece of art. It’s something that you can touch and feel. Each cover has its own artwork. Each album has its own sleeve art. And it sounds better than an MP3. Once you start collecting vinyl you’ll never stop. Your growing […]

Are you renovating your bathroom?

Sometimes it can be difficult to visualise exactly what you want particularly when it comes to vanities. This is where Kithe can come in. We have a wealth of experience in hand making unique vanities to suit every bathroom and all tastes. We use our expertise to craft truly unique pieces from a variety of […]

5 tips for recycling in the household

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle At Kithe we use recycled timber as well as sustainably sourced timber as we love its look and feel; with many of our pieces we feel that doing this adds to the story, character and authenticity of our products.  The thought of perfectly good material going to the landfill is just horrifying to us, and […]

Our Top Six Indoor Plants To Show Off Your Furniture

This article is all about helping you to choose the right indoor plant for you and your home. We’ve picked out six of our own personal favourites, each with their own advantages to help you come to the right conclusion.Without further ado, let’s have a look at these plants! Zanzibar Zamioculcas Zamifolia, or the Zanzibar […]