The birth of the Oscar Chair

You’ve just designed and made the Oscar Chair, tell us about it… Stu from Kithe has been designing and prototyping our first chair over the past few months. With the Oscar, we set out to make a piece that will stand the test of time: a well-made, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable dining chair. I’m very happy […]

Why Not Buy Disposable Furniture?

Disposable Furniture, we get it. It looks ok, the price is right, and filling up your entire home with designer furniture isn’t cheap. So, why not succumb to convenience and kit-out the whole house from your local Scandinavian behemoth? Well for starters, a room full of LACK and VÖID looks like what it is: a […]

Do I Need a Dining Table in the modern age?

Conventions have shifted dramatically in our current age, particularly for those of us living in inner-urban environments which begs the question, Do I Need a Dining Table in the modern age? Many aspects of our home lives are changing: Whether it’s working with limited space, the amount of time we have to spend with our […]

Timber Profile: Tasmanian Blackwood

Although often called Tasmanian Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon), this timber can be found from the Adelaide Hills to the Atherton Tablelands. Blackwood is one of our favourite timbers: It’s a native, great to work with, has excellent strength and stability and looks exceptional in any space. It’s a part of the wattle family and grows so prolifically that in […]